Why publish with Wageningen Academic Publishers
Wageningen Academic Publishers is always looking for new authors and manuscripts in various fields of interest. We can publish your edited volume, textbook, monograph, proceedings and thesis. Our experienced and enthusiastic staff will guide you through the publishing process and will help to make your book an international success.

Why publish with Wageningen Academic Publishers?
  • We are a small and devoted team with a personal approach to every project.
  • Experience the advantages of our in-house expertise of editing, lay-out and marketing.
  • Production in short time span with the highest quality output.
  • Our web shop enables customers to purchase your books online 24 hours a day.
  • Worldwide shipping and distribution of your books.
  • Make your work accessible to a worldwide audience through ‘Your Choice for Open Access’ for both journal articles and books.
  • Benefit from our newly developed tool OASES (Online Academic Submission and Evaluation System), designed to make submission and processing of conference abstracts and papers more efficient.
  • Your e-books are distributed on multiple platforms on an international level.
Each publication is very valuable to us and we are open to your ideas on how you would like to publish your book. If you would like to know more about the options you have when publishing with us, please contact us by or by phone +31 (0)317 476516.