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The Comparative Exercise Physiology calendar is updated with at least each issue of ‘Comparative Exercise Physiology’. The ‘Comparative Exercise Physiology’ lists conferences, symposia, workshops, courses and other interesting events over the world. Events are open to (international) attendance and have at least one session dedicated to Comparative Exercise Physiology.

16-20 June 9th International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology ICEEP9 Chester, United Kingdom.
2-5 July 19 th annual congress of the ECSS. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Book of Abstracts of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production
Proceedings of the Xth International Scientific Congress in Fur Animal Production
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Quality of life in designed environments
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Feed efficiency in swine
edited by: J.F. Patience
Forages and grazing in horse nutrition - eaap132
edited by: Markku Saastamoinen, Maria João Fradinho, Ana Sofia Santos and Nicoletta Miraglia

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