• Call for papers for our new 'Journal of Insects as Food and Feed'. More information is available on the journal website.
  • Wageningen Academic Publishers announces 'Journal on Insects as Food and Feed', the first scientific journal focussing on insects as food and feed. Read the full press release or the newsletter with the announcement.
  • Journal on Chain and Network Science is now an Open Access, online-only journal.
  • Wageningen Academic Publishers preserves with the CLOCKSS Archive. We can now ensure that the valuable, high quality work of our authors remains accessible to all users in perpetuity.

New publications

EU Food Law Handbook
edited by: B. v.d. Meulen
From agricultural to food law
edited by: Vicente Rodríguez Fuentes
Trends in game meat hygiene
edited by: P. Paulsen, A. Bauer and F.J.M. Smulders
Handbook set bottle feeding and breast milk ISBN 978-90-8686-223-8 + 978-90-8686-209-2
Mutagenesis book set ISBN 978-90-8686-234-4 + 978-90-8686-244-3
edited by: N.B. Tomlekova, M.I. Kozgar and M.R. Wani
Industrial, medical and environmental applications of microorganisms
edited by: Antonio Méndez-Vilas
Sustainable agroecosystems in climate change mitigation
edited by: Maren Oelbermann