European Food Law Handbook

B. v.d. Meulen and M. v.d. Velde

European Food Law Handbook
© 2008, 632 pages, Eur. Inst. for Food Law - ISSN 1871-3483, Volume 2

ISBN: 978-90-8686-082-1
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This publication is replaced by 'EU food law handbook' ISBN 978-90-76998-51-0.

The first decade of the twenty-first Century has witnessed a fundamental reform of European food law. We have now come to the point where modern EU food law has taken shape. This 'European food law handbook' is written in the perspective of food law embedded within general EU law. It highlights the consequences of this combination and provides insights in both substantive and procedural food law.

This handbook analyses and explains the institutional, substantive and procedural elements of EU food law, taking the General Food Law as a focus point. Principles are discussed as well as specific rules addressing food as a product, the processes related to food and communication about food through labelling. These rules define requirements on subjects like market approval for food additives, novel foods and genetically modified foods; food hygiene, tracking & tracing, withdrawal & recall. The powers of public authorities to enforce food law and to deal with incidents are set out. Attention is given to the international context (WTO, Codex Alimentarius) as well as to private standards.

The 'European food law handbook' is produced in co-operation with the European Institute for Food Law and is relevant for practitioners and scholars both with and without a background in law. It is ideal for education purposes.978-90-76998-51-0 9789076998510 90-76998-51-5

'I have used this book as required reading on an M.Sc.-course on food safety in the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Copenhagen and in this way I have been able to test its pedagogical qualities. The students on my course had a background in science, not law, and they came from literally all over the world. In this context, a traditional law textbook would have been misplaced. Choosing 'European Food Law Handbook' as required reading has however resulted in expressions of widespread satisfaction from the students. In the opinion of this reviewer the book is exceptionally well suited as a textbook aimed at non-law students who are studying European food law.' ... 'Bernd van der Meulen's and Menno van der Velde's 'European Food Law Handbook' may be warmly reccommended both as an excellent textbook and as a very useful point of reference (handbook) for lawyers, and also for others working in the field of European food law.'
Morten Broberg, Professor University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law and consulting Senior Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies, from the review in 'European Journal of Risk Regulation' Volume 1 Number 3 2010.

'Legal scholars and historians will most certainly pronounce this book a seminal work. It is a thoroughly documented treatise and a textbook of immense pedagogic value.'
Prof. Emeritus Manfred Kroger, in 'Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety' Vol. 8, 2009.

Review of the book 'European Food Law Handbook'. (PDF file)

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       (this publication is only available as paper version)
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