Precision agriculture '07

edited by: J.V. Stafford

Precision agriculture '07
© 2007, 876 pages

ISBN: 978-90-8686-024-1
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With ever-increasing pressures on world agriculture in both economic and environmental terms, application of the concept of precision agriculture is one way of enabling farmers and producers to cope. 'Doing arable agriculture and horticulture more precisely' means that the use of inputs is optimised, crop yield and quality are maximised and leakage of agro-chemicals and fertilisers to the environment is minimised.
This publication contains papers presented at the 6th European Conference on Precision Agriculture. The papers reflect the wide range of disciplines encompassed by precision agriculture, including: soil physics, crop physiology, agronomy, IT, agricultural technology, sensor technology, remote sensing, geostatistics and environmental science.
The wide range of research topics reported will be a valuable resource for researchers, advisors, teachers and professionals in agriculture long after the conference has finished.
Peer-reviewed papers from the 3rd European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming are presented in a companion proceedings, Precision livestock farming '07.

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       Also available as e-book
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