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Handbook set bottle feeding and breast milk ISBN 978-90-8686-223-8 + 978-90-8686-209-2
Mutagenesis book set ISBN 978-90-8686-234-4 + 978-90-8686-244-3
edited by: N.B. Tomlekova, M.I. Kozgar and M.R. Wani
Industrial, medical and environmental applications of microorganisms
edited by: Antonio Méndez-Vilas
Sustainable agroecosystems in climate change mitigation
edited by: Maren Oelbermann
Quality and risk management in agri-food chains
edited by: Brigitte Petersen, Manfred Nüssel and Martin Hamer
Handbook of diet and nutrition in the menstrual cycle, periconception and fertility
edited by: Caroline J. Hollins-Martin, Olga B.A. van den Akker, Colin R. Martin and Victor R. Preedy
Cattle husbandry in Eastern Europe and China - EAAP135
edited by: Abele Kuipers, Andriy Rozstalnyy and Gerry Keane

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