African Women Leaders in Agriculture and the Environment - ISSN 1575-2474
No new books will be published in this series. The last published book is volume 11.

The abbreviation after which the series is named stands for: African Women Leadership in Agriculture and Environment. AWLAE is a Nairobi-based pan-African non-governmental organization, founded by Winrock International. It is now an independent NGO called AWLAE-net. AWLAE and Wageningen University became partners in a project to train 20 women scholars from 11 African countries to do their PhD at Wageningen University. The project started in 2003 and will end in 2010. It is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The research undertaken in the project comprises of themes that relate to the role of women in food and livelihood systems in sub-Saharan Africa. The consequences of HIV/AIDS for women in their roles as food producers in agriculture, income earners and food providers in rural households and care givers in households afflicted by HIV/AIDS are explored. Although the actual topics of research and the disciplinary backgrounds of the scholars vary, gender and food are focal themes in all AWLAE PhD projects. HIV/AIDS plays a greater or lesser role in the research, depending on the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the country and area where the research was carried out. The books in the series testify to the importance of the contribution of women to rural livelihood systems in food security and show the diverse and sometimes devastating impacts of HIV/AIDS on rural households and communities in sub-Saharan Africa. All except the first three books in the series, which are review studies on the subject, are based on thorough and recently conducted fieldwork.

Anke Niehof
AWLAE Project coordinator for Wageningen University
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