Herd Health and Production Management in Dairy Practice

edited by: A. Brand, J.P.T.M. Noordhuizen and Y. Schukken

Herd Health and Production Management in Dairy Practice
© 1996, 466 pages , 2nd reprint

ISBN: 978-90-74134-34-7
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The main aim of this book is to teach students, practitioners and farm advisors how to give management support to the dairy farmer in order to optimise the health, productivity and welfare of the herd. Management practices and farm conditions which have both positive and negative influences on these aspects are covered, rather than a more traditional focus on specific diseases. The core element in this methodology is the protocol. In order to illustrate the standard protocol the practitioner and farm advisor are taken through a farm visit, during which operational and problem-solving issues are addressed. These issues include: nutrition, health care, reproduction, milk production, replacement rearing and farm economics.

- Herd Health and Production Management Programs
- Monitoring Replacement Rearing
- Monitoring Dry Period Management
- Monitoring Milk Production
- Monitoring Reproductive Performance
- Monitoring Udder Health
- Monitoring Foot Health
- Approach for Control of Infectious Diseases in Cattle Herds
- Animal Health and Dairy Production in Developing Countries

       (this publication is only available as paper version)
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