Biotechnology in development
Experiences from the south

Guido Ruivenkamp

Biotechnology in development
© 2008, 96 pages

hardback + DVD
ISBN: 978-90-8686-070-8
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The past few decades have seen an impassioned scientific and social debate on the pro and cons of biotechnology. This book questions the primacy of this pro/anti debate and points out the possibility of going beyond it to a 'third way': tailor-made biotechnology.

The book describes the emergence of new power relations within global food chains. However, power is not only seen as a system of dominance, but also as a force driving the development of change strategies. Therefore, technologies are not seen as a fate (to be accepted or rejected), but as a challenge to political creativity.
The book also contains a DVD with four documentaries in which concrete efforts of civil society organizations are filmed to re-invent biotechnology. In different contexts such as farmers' fields schools in India, urban agriculture in Cuba, participatory plant-breeding in Ecuador and food networks in Ghana, it is shown how biotechnology is re-made from a social perspective.

This pro-poor and empowering biotechnology may be an alternative for the exploiting and industrial biotechnology of multinational corporations.

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       (this publication is only available as paper version)
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