EU policy for agriculture, food and rural areas

edited by: Arie Oskam, Gerrit Meester and Huib Silvis

EU policy for agriculture, food and rural areas
© 2011, 454 pages, 2nd, completely revised

ISBN: 978-90-8686-180-4
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The European Union varies widely within its boundaries. Still, there are common policies for agriculture, food and rural areas, although with many differences in relation to specific conditions in Member States. Starting with the Mac Sharry reform in 1992, the EU is on a long-term path to freer and more open markets. Traditional EU market and price measures are now largely replaced by 'decoupled' direct income support, and further steps are being prepared. There is increased attention at both EU and Member-State levels to food quality, food safety and animal welfare, as there is also to the environment and the development of rural areas. The Union is thus becoming a leader in food and rural policies.

Many experts have contributed their up-to-date knowledge to this book. It is suitable for scientific and professional education at bachelor level, and as a supporting text in master level courses. Business executives, officials and non-governmental organisations will also find this book to be of interest.

Second, completely revised edition.
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'I am sure that it will give huge insight in the complex Common Agricultural Policy'
Mariann Fischer-Boel at Brussels, 27 January 2010

'It might be argued that there is no need for another book on the CAP (...). But this book is rather different, and it certainly fills a gap in the literature.'
Wilfred Legg, Eurochoices 9(2)

'This is a particularly innovative approach in phase with the way agricultural economics should now be taught.'
Jean-Christoph Bureau, ERAE 37(4)

'Readers will be pleased by the broad perspective of this book, which covers many interesting EU policy areas.'
Mariann Fischer-Boel (Preface) and David Blandford, JAE 62(1)

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       (this publication is only available as paper version)
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