Sustainable animal production
The challenges and potential developments for professional farming

edited by: A. Aland and F. Madec

Sustainable animal production
© 2009, 496 pages

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An understanding of sustainability in animal production is becoming increasingly necessary since the global demand for food is expected to dramatically increase in the coming decades. In this context, raising animals for the production of food will become increasingly challenging. Farm animals should not adversely compete with humans for their own sustenance, and food of animal origin should be safe and affordable. The production of healthy animals will therefore be a prerequisite. Such animals will efficiently convert their feed into food that can be certified as nutritive and safe. In addition there is growing evidence that there should be a focus on animal welfare, and environmental pollution related to animal farming must be minimized. Indeed the equation to resolve the constraints on animal production is complex and multifactorial. It is inarguable that the environment and the feed that is offered to animals, are key elements of sustainability in livestock and poultry production.

This book addresses the major issues related to animal health and welfare maintenance in relation to their environment, as well as housing emissions and waste management. Experiments, reviews and expert opinions and scenarios for the future are presented. Each of the chapters has been written by scientists with international reputations. The language used, and the examples and the illustrations provided, make it easy to read. The book is of major and current interest to teachers and students in animal and veterinary sciences and to professionals: veterinarians, farm managers, agricultural advisers worldwide.

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Review published in 'Animal Welfare 2010, 19: 113-120

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