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Trace elements in animal production systems
edited by: P. Schlegel, S. Durosoy and A.W. Jongbloed
Carbon sequestration in tropical grassland ecosystems
edited by: L. 't Mannetje, M.C. Amézquita, P. Buurman and M.A. Ibrahim
Nutrient management in agricultural watersheds
edited by: E.J. Dunne, K.R. Reddy and O.T. Carton
Optimisation of nutrient cycling and soil quality for sustainable grasslands
edited by: S.C. Jarvis, P.J. Murray and J.A. Roker
Pastoral systems in marginal environments
edited by: J.A. Milne
Crop Systems Dynamics
YIN Xinyou and H.H. van Laar
Controlling nitrogen flows and losses
edited by: D.J. Hatch, D.R. Chadwick, S.C. Jarvis and J.A. Roker
Decision support systems in potato production
edited by: D.K.L. MacKerron and A.J. Haverkort
Management of nitrogen and water in potato production
edited by: A.J. Haverkort and D.K.L. MacKerron
CAP and the Rural Environment in Transition
edited by: Floor Brouwer and Philip Lowe
CAP and Environment in the European Union
F.M. Brouwer and S. van Berkum
Modelling and parameterization of the soil-plant-atmosphere system
edited by: P. Kabat, B.J. van den Broek, B. Marshall, J. Vos and H. van Keuelen

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